Alchemy: Open Source AI

Welcome to the Alchemy system! Alchemy is a software package providing a series of algorithms for statistical relational learning and probabilistic logic inference, based on the Markov logic representation. Alchemy allows you to easily develop a wide range of AI applications, including:

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Alchemy Lite

Alchemy Lite is a software package for inference in Tractable Markov Logic (TML), the first tractable first-order probabilistic logic. Alchemy Lite allows for fast, exact inference for models formulated in TML. Alchemy Lite can be used in batch or interactive mode.

Alchemy 2.0

Alchemy 2.0 is a new version of Alchemy based on probabilistic theorem proving as the inference engine. It also includes the most widely used algorithms in the original Alchemy system.

Alchemy 1.0

The original version of Alchemy; no longer under active development.

Alchemy is funded by: