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1 Introduction

Welcome to the Alchemy developer's manual. This is designed to help developers improve and extend Markov logic algorithms in Alchemy. We have strived to make Alchemy as modular as possible in order to encourage further development of the code. This effort is ongoing and it should be noted that Alchemy is still in a Beta stage.

This manual, along with the API provided in the package and on the website, should enable other developers to utilize the Alchemy classes in their own applications as well as allow them to extend Alchemy itself. This manual is divided into four remaining sections. In the next section, we provide an overview of the architecture of Alchemy. In Section 3, we explain how to extend Alchemy. Section 4 presents some experimental projects we have started in Alchemy and we conclude with some coding guidelines for developers in Section 5.

Marc Sumner 2008-09-17