This release is meant for the Linux platform.

We compiled and tested the code using:

We have been able to compile Alchemy under cygwin and run it on Windows.

To install Alchemy on a Mac, you first need to install make, gcc, bison, flex, and perl. The easiest way to get these utilities installed on a Mac is to use fink, available from: Once you have installed fink, you can install binary packages using apt-get (e.g., "apt-get install make gcc4.0 bison flex perl581") or source packages using "fink install" with similar syntax. "apt-get list" or "fink list" can be used to get a list of available packages. Since source packages require compilation, you may need to install XCode for Mac development from the Apple Developer Connection (ADC) if you take that route. To build Alchemy under OS X, you need to make a few small changes to the makefile:

Then run "make depend; make" and Alchemy should build. Let us know if these instructions gave you any problems and we'll update them.